Thailand Pop 2022 Best of Thailand Playlist – Breaking Away from City Pop

The music scene, which had been stagnant for a long time, has also revived, with festivals, live concerts, and other large-scale events taking place in the second half of the year.

Many clubs have closed due to the Corona disaster, and the situation is still far from over, but the Thai music scene has seen an increase in the number of festivals and live performances and releases.

The period when most of the bands that came out were city pop based had passed, and many next generation bands were emerging.

The new generation is following the international trend, with pop music based on R&B and other black music rhythms, R&B that is more pop, and many of the artists are using English lyrics.


KIKI” was the biggest breakthrough this year. They toured Japan and performed at the “Ringo Music Festival,” one of the biggest music festivals in Japan.





While their music is pop-oriented, they perform at festivals and live shows more than indie bands. They have also performed overseas, including Taiwan, and I think “Numcha” was their biggest breakthrough when it came to music for young women.


The Birthday Party

I guess the band’s name comes from “The 1975”. Although they are a shoegaze band, they are one of the bands whose name I have seen often this year.



This is another R&B band that we have been seeing a lot this year. There is a Japanese person famous for “eraser horns,” but of course he is a different person.


The Kopycat

This is the last introduction for the pickup. I don’t remember seeing the name of this band at all, but I started to listen to them when I was prompted by a suggestion on spotify.

They are not a live band, so you will not have many chances to see them at events, but I think these quality pop bands are valuable. This is a band that you would not expect to find in Thailand.


The playlist will also include core Thai indie bands such as YONLAPA, which toured in Japan , and Phum Viphurit, which performed at Summer Sonic.