Cannabis prohibition commemorative first year of Cannabis Cup Thailand 2022

I went to the Cannabis Cup Thailand 2022, a commemorative event held for the first year of marijuana prohibition.

The Cannabis Cup is a competition to determine the best cannabis of the year, an event that has been held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, since the late 1980s.

When I was young,BURST HIGH, Marijuana XI had seen reports of this event in dope magazines and I was deeply moved to be able to participate in this event myself in Thailand.

Cannabis Cup Thailand 2022


The location is No Man’s Land on Charoen Krung Road. It is a cannabis cafe & bar that takes advantage of the newly developed area in Thailand.

The lineup is seamless from food to drinks.


■No Man’s Land

Period of the event

December 3-10, 2022

*Best Grower announcement and live event on the last day


The last day of the event was ticketed with a fee, as there was a live event on the last day.

Regular ticket: 420 Baht / Special ticket: 1,800 Baht (details to follow)


Cannabis-related exhibits

Perhaps extracted cannabis oil (& scented?) The one that has been.

A brief cannabis information section.

Exhibit of bongs (suction devices).

Tarot readings, yoga, and CBD oil massages are also available.

The “VOTE TICKET” is your ticket to vote for the best grower.

Event Impressions

Frankly speaking, the scale of the event is small, and if you just want to visit, it will be over in no time.

The last day is the best day to go because there are many events such as live concerts and workshops on how to roll joints.

Cannabis Cup Thailand 2022 Final day

I entered on the last day with a special ticket (1800 Baht).

Special tickets include the following benefits in addition to entry

Cannabis Cup Thailand 2022

There are so many votes for best grower, so of course there will be a joint.

Finalist Grower

A box with crusher & paper is also included.

Paper on the side of the box. Mysterious Japanese is also typical of Thailand.

The ticket just posted is also included.


The last day will be full of events.

I set my sights on the “JUU4E” concert, so I joined the event at night.


タイのスヌープ・ドギードッグ(?)こと、HIPHOP界の異才JUUの新作「ニュー・ルークトゥン 」がヤバいことになっています。これは久し振りにグッときましたね。JUU(ジュウ)は90年代後半からラッパーとしてのキャリアをスタートした[…]


JUU itself has a ganja presence.

There is also something like a joint winding contest.

The floor where the event was held, of course, has cannabis, alcohol, and food.

Cannabis Cup Impressions

As this was the memorable first Cannabis Cup in Thailand, I went with high expectations, but my expectations were too high and I was a little underwhelmed.

I think it is not the Thai version of the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, but just a self-organized event.

This is a clouded difference compared to the excitement of the events that took place during the weekend of the legal reform.


2022年6月9日が昨今報道されているニュースの法改定日で、今回のイベントはそれを記念して法改定日の週末に行われた「The 7th Thailand 420」。おさらいとして、法改定の内容はざっくり日本語でまとめると以下になります。[…]

タイ 大麻 解禁 イベント


Nevertheless, it was good to see the Thai interest in this kind of event.

The clientele was different from when I went to clubs and bars in Thailand, and many of them were Thai people with a liberal arts background.

Because of the fashionable area & fee, there were not many middle class fancy party girls.

Best Grower

It was “Heavy Candy.” I don’t know if it will be useful for those who buy it, because it is a producer, not a variety.


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