• 2023年1月11日

F.B.T SPORTS, Bangkokian’s favorite sporting goods store in Ramkhamhaeng

F.B.T SPORTS is the first name that comes to mind when purchasing sports equipment in Thailand. Shopping malls also have stores that carry sporting goods, such as SUPER SPORTS, but they don’t have many products other than fashion-oriented fitness and running equipment. Walking around Bangkok, you may see street-level sporting […]

  • 2023年1月8日

The best place to buy Muay Thai equipment in Bangkok! First Sport

I thought of this as soon as I started learning Muay Thai in Bangkok. The rental gloves really stink!!!!” After hitting the mitts, when I took off my gloves with a lack of oxygen, I could smell the intense odor. I started Muay Thai with the intention of doing it […]