The best place to buy Muay Thai equipment in Bangkok! First Sport

I thought of this as soon as I started learning Muay Thai in Bangkok.

The rental gloves really stink!!!!”

After hitting the mitts, when I took off my gloves with a lack of oxygen, I could smell the intense odor.

I started Muay Thai with the intention of doing it for a few months anyway, but decided to go looking for gloves and bandages early on.

FIRST SPORT, a well-stocked Thai Muay Thai brand “WINDY

Muay Thai equipment is also sold in sporting goods stores in shopping malls, but many of these stores only carry products that are no-name brands and poorly made.

The gym I go to “RSM”, also sold the gym’s original gloves, but I thought they were expensive and it would be awkward when I changed gyms, so I looked for Muay Thai brand products.

Bangkok Muay Thai Supplies

I would like to recommend FIRST SPORT, which is located about a 7-minute walk from the National Stadium station.

Bangkok Muay Thai Gloves

This is a Muay Thai store, and I am very excited about it.

WINDY gloves are made of solid leather and will not be dented even after several years of use.

10oz gloves (1300 baht) and bandages (200 baht).

Located west of the National Stadium BTS station, diagonally across from TESCO LOTUS.


Lots of Muay Thai stores and sporting goods stores nearby.

I looked around a few stores, but the area is a sporting goods district and there are other stores in the area.

The store to the left of FIRST SHOP is a general sporting goods store. It carried basketball, badminton, and soccer balls and wear.

Bangkok Sporting Goods

There was also Muay Thai equipment, and they had Gaeo Fairtex gloves.

Bangkok Stadium One

There is a fitness gym and a Muay Thai fitness, RSM, nearby, which also had a sporting goods store.

Soccer uniform store where you can make your own soccer uniforms.

Near FBT, a Thai sporting goods brand, there was also a store where you can make your own original uniforms.

For Muay Thai supplies, I think “FIRST SPORT” is a good choice, but it would be interesting to go around this area.