All brands of cigarettes available in Thailand, with prices and how to buy

Smoking Situation in Thailand

In line with the global trend, Thailand is also gradually becoming stricter and more demanding in terms of smoking cigarettes and good manners.

The only people who walk around smoking are foreigners, so be mindful of your manners.

The sales are basically placed behind the cash registers at convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, where you can’t see them, so you have to tell the cashier the brand name and purchase the product.

Cigarettes available in Thailand

Thailand Cigarettes Mobius

Marlboro, Mebius, Camel, L&M, Winston, and other foreign-made cigarettes are commonly sold.

There is a wide variety of cigarettes available, including original, light, and menthol, but the cigarettes sold in Thailand are clearly not tasty.

The taste of cigarettes varies from country to country, even for the same brand, but unfortunately Thai cigarettes are not very tasty.

Thai cigarettes have a middle slim.

There are not slim-type cigarettes that women smoke, but rather cigarettes that are about as thick as a regular cigarette and between a regular and a slim-type cigarette.

Thailand Cigarettes

On the left is the middle slim type of Marlboro.

It will be a little slimmer and shorter. However, this middle slim type is only available in some brands such as Marlboro, L&M, and Winston.

Thai Cigarettes

Of course, there are also Thai cigarettes. The most commonly smoked by locals are probably WONDER, SMS, and iSCORE.

However, none of them are very tasty. If I had to pick one, I would say that iSCORE is the most decent tobacco.

Thailand Cigarettes iSCORE

It is blue, but it tastes menthol.

Recommended cigarettes

Thai Camel

For a good balance of price and taste, I recommend Camel Blue, which is popular among thrifty smokers because it costs 60 baht and tastes decent.

Thailand Marlboro

Next I would recommend Marlboro Red. It is a bit of a strong cigarrete, but while the other colors of Marlboros are not as good, Red is the most decent tasting. If Red is too harsh for you, I recommend Red’s Middle Slim.

For menthol lovers, I recommend the iSCORE slim type 5.0.For 60 baht, it tastes decent.

How to order cigarettes

Cigarettes can be found behind the cash register at convenience stores, etc. Tell the clerk the brand, color, and 7.1 if you want a middle-slim type.

If you are in a convenience store around Sukhumvit, many of the clerks understand a little English, so you can just order “Marlboro Red”. But if they have hard and soft cases, you may be asked which one you are.

The problem is that English is not spoken a little outside the center of town.

For clerks who do not understand English, you can tell them by specifying the brand + color + box or soft (for Marlboro), size (only for brands with slim).

Example: Camel Far (Blue)
Example: Marlboro Tone Je Jum nun (gold middle slim)
Example: Marlboro Dane Bo (red box)

▼ Thai words such as color, size, and box/soft are listed below.

Types and Prices of Cigarettes

The price of cigarettes in Thailand varies greatly depending on the brand. Price does not always equal quality, and foreign brands such as Marlboro and Mevius are particularly expensive.

There are many different types of each brand and the amount of nicotine is not listed. Also, green is menthol.


Arctic X, Purple X 165 Baht

Red, gold, silver, black, green
*Red available in box and soft

Middle slim type (7.1)

Red, Gold, Silver, Black, Green 115 Baht


Original Blue, Sky Blue, Green 150 Baht

Purple (crush type menthol) 165 Baht

*Mebius should be pronounced “Mewiers”.


Red, Blue, Green
* Red and Green are available in box and soft

■Middle slim type

Red, Blue, Green, Storm 60 Baht


Blue, yellow, green 60 baht, purple 138 baht



Red, Blue, Green 90 Baht

Red, blue, green Middle slim type 60 Baht


2C 120 baht , amazon 110 baht, X 100 baht

5.0 (slim), blue, red, green 60 baht


Red, Green 60 Baht


Red, Green 60 Baht


Red, Green 60 Baht

Green Middle Slim Type 60 Baht


90 (normal type) 95 baht


90 (normal type) 95 baht

7.1 (middle slim type) 90 baht


90 (normal type) 95 baht


Red, Green 60 Baht


Red, Green 60 Baht

Thai Glossary for ordering cigarettes


Red = Dane, Blue = Fur, Green = Kyeau, Black = Dam, Yellow = Ruan, Purple = Muan

Size, box, soft

Slim = lek, box = bok, soft = ohn.

*Leck means small, but both middle slim and slim can be understood by this.


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